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Private Power Co-op

How to make a small private power co-op?

The small power co-op is easy to form.  The advantage of a co-op is you can share your costs and green power with other like-minded people.  Through net metering, you can share the electrical production with up to 10 locations as long as the locations reside in the same municipality and on the same power utility.  This means you and your neighbor and the apartment building on the other side of town can all purchase a ???? jointly and can then share the benefits as though the device was on your property.

Also steps are currently in process to make available space in a building in your city or town to install the ???? to produce green energy with an annual fee which includes automatic maintenance.  This would eliminate the need to place the unit on your property.  In this way you enjoy all of the benefits and income of renewable energy even if you live in an apartment but not the worry about where to put it.

If forming a community scale project costs per person is very low, perfect for climate change and carbon footprint reduction efforts. Below is an example of the shared costs:
???? power system
Installed cost =  $90,000
Number of Participants Cost for each Participant
1  $90,000
25  $ 3,600
50  $ 1,800
100  $    900
150  $    600
200  $    450
500    $    180
1000     $      90
1500     $      60
 2000    $      45

Follow this simple plan:
Step 1 - Find friends, neighbors, or business partners to join the co-op.  Make sure to include a suitable location with a good site for the PW-20 as one of the partners.
Step 2 - Decide what the electrical split with each partner is going to be.
Step 3 - Fill out all of the applications and permits.
Step 4 - Urban Power USA will do the rest.
Step 5 - Sit back and enjoy the benefits for years to come!
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